Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My M.E

It's M.E awareness week from the 8th to the 14th of May. The Association of Young People with ME's theme is 'Missing moments, hidden lives'. So many people with ME are bedbound or housebound and if they are able to get out, they have a very restricted social life.

This is a poem I wrote about how M.E has affected my life:

Running, jumping, laughing, skipping
Fields, playgrounds, icecream dripping
1o clock, 2o clock, 3o clock, 4
What time I got in mattered no more
Uni, family, friends and work
Essays, portfolios, what a nerd!

Walking, hobbling, a crutch or two
Fatigue, spasms, crawling to the loo
A foggy cloud hanging over my head
Those darkest moments I wish I were dead
Sitting, standing, it all feels the same
Each waking moment consumed with pain
Diary filled with doctors and clinics
Who see 'M.E' and think we're all dimwits

My world has shrunk from what it was
But I wouldnt change it because...
I've made so many amazing friends
And this is far from where it all ends....   

Me in my wheelchair on a rare occasion I get outside =)

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  1. Beautiful poem and very true, you capture what ME is like perfectly.