Sunday, 8 May 2011

M.E awareness week - Day 1

Today is the first day of M.E awareness week 2011 and I want to try and do a post per day (health permitting) to give people an insight into what it's like to live with M.E.

I'm going to post a couple of videos today made by someone who had M.E, as I think this explains it better than I ever could. Thanks for watching!


  1. I think you are doing a great job at helping raise awareness. When I suffered from it, it was known as yupie flu and ME/CFS was unheard of, it was relatively new then, and I think the frustration of no-one accepting you had an actual illness just added to it and made me worse. By the way I commented the other day but under MWM and I am having problems with that blog, so I am now blogging under x

  2. Thank you for the links ;) your blog is great!